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Save time, save money, save energy

Most professional traders know that it takes lots of time, money and experience to become a top-rate investment trader. Many novice investors give up after stressing out over losing money on trade after trade.

Social trading gets rid of all those barriers and helps you minimize your risks. Whether you're new at trading or have previous trading experience, you'll be trading like a pro in no time thanks to the copyactiv network of trading experts.

The learning phase

This is where it all begins. Traders are excited to dive in and learn how trading works using demo accounts.

Real trading phase

After lots of practice with demo accounts, traders are ready for the real trading jungle. They open a live trading account and begin investing real money on market trades.

Unfortunately, new traders quickly discover that real world trading is nothing like demo trading.

The doubtful phase

Most traders crash and burn through many trading accounts, losing loads of money along the way. Doubt creeps into their minds and they have second thoughts about investment trading.
Many choose to opt out of trading all together and join the 90% who quit with a losing portfolio.

The rebirth phase

After weathering many days filled with high stress and pressure, 10% of surviving traders break even on their investments. Bad trading days are balanced with good days. They finally have more control over their trading habits.

However, unbearable stress and pressure still ends the trading adventure for some.

The glory phase

Traders are finally making profits!

The danger here is being overwhelmed by profits. Overconfidence can lead to mistakes that set traders back 8 months.

Lows and highs are inevitable. The best traders maintain profits by staying calm and following smart strategies.

Skip the 16 first months!

Being a copyactiv member let you skip bad habits that lead to costly mistakes. Jump right into fast-moving trading action as you copy the profit-making moves of experienced traders.

Be an investor

Get registered and immediately begin choosing and copying traders you like.

Every position your trader opens is duplicated to your own account, including settings and proportional investment amounts.

Use copy credits to invest with traders. Each copied position equals 1 credit. Traders receive 3% of your weekly profits.

Be a trader

It's taken you years to develop profitable trading strategies. Boost your income significantly by joining copyactiv as a guru.

Your followers, who copy your moves, replicate every trade position you open on our copyactiv platform.

As a guru, you'll receive up to 3% of the weekly profits you generate for each investor copying you!

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Great! We're looking for you.

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Check out the hot investment porfolios of traders and decide how you want to invest your copy credits.

Allocate investment funds to one or several positions. Your copied trades become active immediately. Monitor your trades in real time.

Change your trading positions whenever you like. Make practice trades and graduate to live trades using real money when you're ready to build your portfolio.

Simply profit

Simply profit from the copied trades.

Withdraw profits and spend funds how you wish.

Reinvest your profits to grow your portfolio.